Amor Brujo Post Moderno

This show was in honor of the composer, Manuel De Falla's masterwork , el amor brujo. It blended together dance, live music, and animation. My set designed served as the connecting point for all the elements. The costumes were designed by the world renowned designer, Agatha De La Ruiz Prada. The rich colors of the Spanish influenced costumes served as main inspiration as well as capturing the rhythm of the music in the brush strokes of the drop. The hanging moon units were derived from the repetitious pattern on half of the costumes. I was also the paint charge for this show as well as being responsible for hanging all scenic elements

After opening at UNCSA the show moved to Chelsea, New York at the Live Arts Theatre for a special one time performance.

Produced and Directed by: Oskar Epina Ruiz

Costume Design: Agatha De La Ruiz Prada

Scenic Design: Alexa Ross

Lighting Design: Ryan O' Mara

Animation Design: Justin Sanchez